Tortoise and the Hare go at it Fight to the Death Style

Andrew Foster
3 min readJun 6, 2022


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Throughout all my research what I realized is it take so much time and energy to really study and understand all the complications, regulations and marketing in today’s food industry.

What makes it even more difficult is the fact so many people have family and careers I totally understand how it’s very hard to find the time to research all of this. I understand. I’m a guy the loves to research and learn and very happy to be working to help.

Your life and more importantly quality of life and health is so important. I’d love to encourage people to read, learn, research and understand. Even if you only spend 15 minutes a week you’re already doing more than most.

Do you spend a couple hours a week golfing? Do you spend a couple of hours a week watching football or reading that Twilight stuff? If you can do all that, isn’t it reasonable to spend 15 minutes a week on your health. I think not.

The Tortoise and the Hare, that famous fable taught to us children to instill in us the value of hard work and the dangers of seeking the, “Easy path.” As a child still learning the rules of life, I was disappointed to learn there was no easy path. I decided to reach back to this fable we all know and apply it to healthy eating. Here’s the fun part. We’re adults now, so we can kick it up a notch and make it a fight to the death!

More and more I believe people are starting to understand how important diet and healthy eating is. But it’s legitimately hard time consuming work to do so. I can fully attest to that statement as I know how much time and effort it takes me to research and understand a topic well enough to be able to blog about it.

I’m reading, studying and understanding. I know cooking with quality ingredients is very important. Learning how to find natural products and understanding all that is on the food label isn’t easy. But when you do, you’ll find yourself having more energy and getting less coughs and colds. It’s work putting in the time and effort. There’s no quick fix or easy answer.

On the Hare’s side. He’s only out for convenience. Like the fast hare, he stops for fast food and though it tastes great, it’s not healthy. It sticks in your stomach like a rock. And after you consume this unhealthy carb loaded meal, you end up down in a carb-coma while the tortoise passes you by enjoying all the health benefits that come with having learned and study nutrition.

The food industry, they are all too slick. They know the family mother wants to provide a healthy dinner for her family, but she doesn’t have the time to do all the research. So they end up going down a different route which Martin Lindstrom in his 2011 book Brandwashed talks about a concept called, “finishing touch.”

Many people feel the need to provide a good nutritious and fast food is anything but that. So to ease the family cook buying and preparing dinner, “finishing touch” products have been created and marketed. These products are things such a buying a jar of pizza sauce, readymade pizza dough and a bag of grated cheese. The cook feels as though they’re serving a more healthy meal, while in actuality, it’s exactly the same as the fast food version, only you’re putting together the finished product yourself. Does Hamburger Helper make more sense now?

The moral of the fable is: The Tortoise Slowly Lives a More Healthy Life as the Hare Slowly Dies

The solution: Virtually everything in the food industry has a healthier substitute. It may make the food more expensive, but consider the healthy benefits. It also will require some research upfront, but it’s worth it. You can find/make the foods you love, but more healthy versions.



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