The ONE Sex Tip you Need to Change your Sex Life in a Serious Relationship

Andrew Foster
3 min readJun 27, 2022


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I’m fully aware that many writers say they have the most fantastic sex tip. I do, and this one applies mainly to people in committed long-term relationships.

On the surface, it may appear I’m writing this directly for men. I’m not. I can attest to the fact that many men do find themselves in a similar situation as women.

The situation I want to write about is burnout. Today, so many people are burning the candle at both ends and are exhausted by the end of the day. Sometimes it’s the result of a demanding career, while other times, it’s all the added work of cooking, cleaning, and childcare on top of your vocation.

Many couples do their thing. They live their lives; it’s in the evening when they go to bed that there is an attempt at generating some, let’s get physical, sexual activity. Given this situation, the chance for a good outcome is slim to none.

If your partner says no, you feel rejected. If your partner says okay, but I’m tired, they will probably not be that into it. The sex isn’t going to be that great. I get it. I never want to do anything when I’m tired.

No matter what I think about my lover, I will not give an excellent performance when I feel that way. When this pattern extends for significant periods, you have a recipe for a terrible sex life if you have one.

Yes, this is a massive bedroom killer. You don’t need to run to the dirty store and buy something kinky in hopes of setting a night on fire. If your lover is worn out, they will not care what your kinky mind has in store.

You can read endless books on positions, techniques, foreplay, and everything in between. None of it will make a difference if you have a chronically exhausted partner and perhaps you’re worn out like them.

The move you need to make is changing when you try and get your lover in the mood. If you try in the morning, you’ll find a much more receptive and active partner. If you’re stretched for time, you can practice showering together.

There are other options if you have childcare; you can arrange several times a week to have your sitter or nanny stay a bit longer so you and your love can experience some alone time before complete exhaustion sets it.

Think about it? Sex is a physical activity; if you’re going at it for 20 minutes or more, it counts as cardiovascular exercise. If you’re already exhausted, do you want to be doing something that constitutes cardiovascular exercise?

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It’s more than the physical aspect of being together. The emotional and romantic elements need to be there. If you lack the energy, it’s going to be lackluster. Sex feels so good, and being one of the pillars of a strong and healthy relationship, how is it at the end of the day, when we want to sleep, we ‘work’ on that massive aspect of our relationship?



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