The KEY to Introducing your Partner to Anal Sex

Andrew Foster
2 min readJun 29, 2022


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Yes, I know. Regarding Medium, I’m supposed to write a somewhat lengthy article. I’m supposed to put in nice pictures and quote experts. Screw that…I am an expert!

I’m not going to write long and include minutiae bullshit. I will write short and tell you the few details you need to know. I will kick it off with a few things. It can and does feel beyond amazing for both of you. It’s the taboo that’s ratcheting up the mental and physical aspects that is just as amazing!

I am a non-licensed expert. I’m not new to this. From experience, I have to say this is slight, but it’s on the mark. Follow me. You don’t need to have a 20-point game plan, but you do need to have a plan.

First, as a guy, she doesn’t need to up to it. She needs to WANT it. You have to turn her on, and dirty talk her about the idea to where she’s begging for it. If your lady doesn’t honestly want it, you’ve already lost.

What you do isn’t relevant. FOREPLAY is key to anal play. It’s a combination of relaxing her and exciting her. She has to be begging for it. And if you play your cards right, she will!

Here’s the secrete, it can be immensely excellent for the both of you. It’s not a favor she’s giving you. If you feel it is, you need to stop. If it’s not also suitable for her, you need to pass, or it will only be a special occasion even she doesn’t enjoy.

Men, anything you do to her, she must ENJOY! If she doesn’t, you’re off track…you need to re-evaluate.

Here’s the key. You have to introduce her…SLOWLY. After you’ve gone down on her and started touching her, ‘back there.’ It would help if you began with her on top.

When she’s on top, starting the pure pleasure, she controls the depth, angle, and speed. She can let her body adjust. Once she’s accustomed to the feeling and sensation, you can bend her over. The point is she’s in control until she gives you power. She has no fear of pain because she knows she can adjust.

Yes, you can give me all that alpha male bullshit, or you can realize an alpha male is a leader. You can lead her to teach you how to make it unbelievable, or you be a manly man and destroy it. Once she teaches you, you can take control.

Follow what I’ve written, and you’ll both be thanking me. You can ignore me, and that’s okay. But you’ll be missing out!



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