Psychologically Proven Tricks To Deepen Love In Your Relationship

Andrew Foster
4 min readApr 28
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Love is one of the most powerful emotions a person can experience. Its illogical effects can be surprising and unexpected. But think of the implications if love were contained. What if there were scientifically-proven psychological techniques for making any couple feel more love? It’s hard to believe, but there are techniques to increase the amount of love your partner feels for you. In this post, we’ll examine five of these strategies. Read on to find out more.

The first tactic is to use visualization. The initial stage is to picture an ideal union in your mind. What would you like to see altered in your current romantic partnership? Visualizing ideal interactions with others is a potent method of tapping into your feelings. So, think about how you want to contribute to the relationship and how you can always be your best self.

One more way to fortify your love is to make gratitude a daily habit. Be grateful for the little acts of affection from your partner. You’ll have more gratitude for your partner and happier memories of your shared experiences. Thank you notes, whether handwritten or electronic.

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Third, learn the warning signs of transference so you can put an end to it as soon as you notice it. Merriam-Webster defines transference as “the redirection of feelings and desires, especially those unconsciously retained from childhood, toward a new object.”

I was recently prodded to provide more detail on this topic by a reader. Though I was initially skeptical, the relationship optimist in me is holding out hope that this will be put to good use. I trust that my followers will agree with me. My response is provided both here and in the comments.

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