How to Easily Draw Her Attention and Keep Her

Andrew Foster
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How to simply attract her and win her over. Here is the solution to the “Do More Trap,” which I think will shake up your preconceived beliefs of how easy it can be to attract women by simply tweaking your psychology precisely. If you want to attract women, you must tweak your psychology the right way.

No, I’m not a ladies’ man. Yes, I freely seek out those more knowledgeable than I. Dr. David Tian is amazing, and I have no problem saying I learn from him.

It’s essential to becoming a man whom women find inherently attractive. It will feel natural to you, giving the impression that it was easy to accomplish.

My good friend (I’m not actually his friend, but I’d like to be) Dr. David Tian calls this concept “The Dao State.” It is ultimately what determines everything. I’m a simple guy. I don’t follow anybody that isn’t the real deal. I have nothing be respect for Dr. Tian because he respects women!

According to him, this is the only strategy he’s come across that allows a male to “think” his way into a woman’s attraction to him. In addition to this, it employs a synthesis of traditional Asian thought and the more contemporary scientific concept of “Flow.”

Have you ever experienced a time in which you felt immensely confident… even if it was just for a little while…if you have, keep on reading.

And have you noticed that women are now showing you more attention than they ever have in the past?

Suddenly, women who wouldn’t give you the time of day or even acknowledge your existence are flirting with you…

And everyone else is having a better time simply because they are in your presence…

People are having a great time because everything you say “works” like a charm.

At that precise instant, you had entered what is known as the “Dao State.” This is the condition where you are at your most natural, calm, and strong. In this state, everything flows smoothly for you, and you become the most charismatic and compelling version of yourself.

If you haven’t experienced an experience like the one I just described, I highly recommend researching Dr Tian. You will be astounded by what you learn about the psychology of attraction from watching that video. He knows so much more than I! But what matters most, he respects women and teaches men to respect women.

David explains in this new video that getting into the “Dao State,” also known as “Flow” in more contemporary scientific parlance, involves three distinct steps.

Please let us know what you think of the video after you’ve watched it. I truly look to those who can help, but I’m not always on it. I follow Dr. Tian a lot. Please feel free to give honest feedback.

It was all worth it when we saw the smiles, laughter, and positive changes in the lives of the hundreds of thousands of men and women from across the world who we had the honor and pleasure of teaching.

Back when David was just starting to get over his divorce more than 15 years ago, he made the startling realization that dating and attraction were skills that could be improved.

You genuinely have the ability to study, better, and become an expert in dating techniques, psychological approaches, and mentalities… that can make a world of a difference when it comes to attracting the woman of your dreams.

Once I had this realization, a wonderful wave of hope and optimism swept through me, and I can still remember it to this day… This helped clear the haze away from my depression. There is a method to move forward with this. And all that required us was to put in the effort to learn it.

David now shares the knowledge that he gained while he was a student and has been working as a professional coach for more than a dozen years… about the natural method to become your ideal woman’s ideal man… simply by utilizing your mind properly.

PS: No, I am not an affiliate. Dr. Tian is just awesome. He’s helped me, and I hope he can help you. There’s no affiliate link. I just believe he’s that’s darn great!

I’ve never pushed or advocated for a dating coach. I’m not an affiliate but 100% listen to my readers. If this is an inappropriate writing, please tell me, and I’ll take it down.



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