Great Men Don’t Do These Things

Andrew Foster
7 min readMay 6

Men, You Can Learn Here!

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Before I start, I want to be completely honest. I’m not trying to scare you, ladies. I pray that we live in a time where men actively seek social and economic advancement. I pray that this encourages guys to be strong, honorable, and gentlemanly. That’s right; it’s the origin of the phrase “gentlemen.”

Having meaningful relationships with others is crucial. In addition, I’m not just talking about love in a romantic sense or trying to make the stone into a valentine. What I mean is all the truly meaningful relationships you develop during your life. All of them matter, that’s a yes. The romance is incredible, but the value of any connection cannot be overstated. They all contributed to your development into the person you are today, and they will continue to do so in the future. As the old adage goes, “no man or woman is an island.” They may be inevitable, but they nonetheless put a lot of pressure on many people. Yes, I’m claiming that interpersonal connections, incredible as they may be, are essential to our well-being.

Finding and keeping people who share your values is challenging. And if I had to guess, I’d say the most difficult part of building and keeping positive connections is developing into the kind of people we naturally gravitate toward.

Pay close attention. I’ll keep this succinct. If you want people to like you and hang around with you, then you need to be that kind of person.

We need to make a decision now. Having undergone significant personal development and maturation in recent years, I can attest to this. I believe that anyone can achieve this goal. All that’s required is dedication and perseverance.

That’s how we all achieve greatness on our own terms. That’s the endgame we should all be shooting for. Do we not all aspire to improve oneself to the max? Yes, I think so.

Please, God, just get to the point. Yes, I see what you mean. In progress. So much for it…Please forgive my verbosity. It is true that lengthy explanations are sometimes necessary.

Andrew Foster

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