A Few Clicks to Take Advantage of Windows ‘GOD’ Mode

Andrew Foster
2 min readJul 11, 2022


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What is Windows God mode? It’s simple! Windows God mode takes a bunch of settings, even digging down into the registry, and makes them available with only a few clicks.

God Mode lets you change all those things you’ve wanted to change or disable to speed your system up and says, “Here you go, click here, and you’re good to go.”

I’ve often searched for a setting or wanted to disable a service and could not find the path. Here it is. I’m giving it to you!

This is supposed to work on 7, 10, and 11. I must confess I’ve only tried this on 11, and it does work.

This is simple; you’re going to Right-Click on a blank space on your screen. When you Right-Click, you’ll see a menu open, and there will be an option for New.

In the menu, you’ll see the option to select, Folder. Select Folder, and a new folder will be created with the name New Folder.

Right-click the new folder and select Properties

From properties, under the General tab, you’ll have the ability to input a new folder name. In that name field, copy and paste this exactly GodMode.{ED7BA470–8E54–465E-825C-99712043E01C}

With Windows 11, at first, you’ll see the same folder with no name. Give it a few moments and it will change to an icon indicating settings.

Double Click on the new folder and now you’ll see all the settings, configurations, and services you used to have spent hours diving into Windows to find. Simple as this.



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