8 Details On Which a Lady is Laser Focused

Andrew Foster
4 min readDec 1, 2022

Please Men, I Write This Only To Help You

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1. Don’t follow

If you’re a guy and read many articles on dating here on Medium, you’ll know women are frustrated. More so than that, many are angry.

If you’re following the advice of a person and it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. The word ‘misogyny’ is thrown around a lot. If you listen to a person that teaches that. You’re not a healthy individual ready for a healthy relationship.

I wrote this as #1 as it is darn important. How can you have a healthy relationship if you’re not behaving healthily?

2. Sense of fun and humor

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She’s looking for a guy with a personality. This is different from saying that everyone will find your humor funny.

She’s praying you have a forgiving attitude toward slip-ups. She’s hoping you can slip on ice and turn it into a snowball fight. Many people live boring lives. Nobody is looking for help with that. Be an escape.

3. Be the rock she can crash against, be STABLE

The woman isn’t necessarily looking for Mr. Richest in the Room. She’s looking for someone who can keep up with her emotionally and financially. Young children have the freedom to alter these specifics. She will observe you around children and probe for details on your aspirations in the professional and financial realms. Have you ever been in a high-pressure situation? The outcome isn’t the most important; it’s how you deal with it. Any relationship will include high-pressure situations. She will watch to see how you deal with your feelings.

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She doesn’t test you for fun. She does so because she has to!

4. Be yourself

Much like #1, don’t follow. Be yourself. If you love Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars. Profess it. If she’s not down, the relationship is going down in flames. I’m not saying she has to be…

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