7 Online Dating Tropes That Make Us Men Go Bonkers!

Andrew Foster
7 min readMay 13
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Online dating is hard, and I get it. Women get bombarded with messages that are akin to men playing the lottery…just hoping they get lucky…even though it may be true, I’m not meaning this in a sexual way.

I get it. I understand. I’ve done the online dating thing where I was really hoping to meet a wonderful partner. Women, it’s not easy, but you can succeed here too. Let me give you a few tips that might help you find and keep a QUALTIY guy. If I knew how to weed out the low-quality guys, I’d have so much money I wouldn’t be a Medium writer!

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

1. Please Do Not Put Medial Social Titles In Your Bio

If someone’s only profile information is their Instagram handle, I immediately assume they aren’t looking for love but rather attention in the form of followers.

Some people abuse dating apps for promotional purposes, so most people will instinctively assume the worst of you even if your intentions are pure. Do you want views and followers or do you want a partner?

A person who feels compelled to include their Instagram username on their dating profile should do so only as part of a comprehensive bio. Those only looking for attention are relationships no goes. (My spelling might be wrong here.)

Still, it is best to dole it out only when asked. Dating isn’t an advertising money-making scheme. It’s understanding you’re half looking to be whole.

2. Respond In A Respectable Time Frame

Oh, I see. Life can get in the way and make folks forgetful at times. However, you should probably sort out your hectic schedule before going on any dates if it takes you days to react.

There is no context for delayed responses, which is a major issue in online dating. If someone doesn’t respond right away, it’s tempting to write them off as uninterested and go on. People do not really know you yet, but they are getting to know you.

Conversations that have been dormant for more than a few days rarely resurge for me. Talk or do not talk; it’s simple as that.

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