3 Traits That Make Attractive According To Science

Andrew Foster
5 min readMay 17

No one will automatically like you, but you may increase the odds that they will by paying attention to the way you present yourself.

This 2018 study defines likability as “accepted, preferred by others, and perceived as a likable companion.” Two personality traits, agreeableness and extraversion, were shown to be the deciding factors in a previous study’s conclusion that people who are “likable” have common characteristics.

If you’re an introvert who’s about to write this article off as boring since it defines extraversion as being outgoing and talkative, you might want to read this definition first. One definition of agreeableness is showing concern for and attending to the requirements of others.

Is there really nothing about oneself that reflects those qualities? Probably not.

These two qualities will increase your popularity among your peers. You can stop reading this post and move on with your life if you don’t care about that. Read on if you’re the type who values a positive and approachable first impression as much as I do.

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1. Amiability (High-Falu tin Pretentious Word For Friendly)

The key to being agreeable, the study found, is just caring about and meeting the needs of others around you.

This can be as easy as brewing a cup of tea for your mother-in-law when she arrives home from the airport. It can be as difficult as having an in-depth, rewarding discussion with your best buddy about their professional goals. Whether or whether other people find you acceptable depends on how well you cater to their wants and requirements.

Want to learn how to get along with others? Watch for chances to work with other people. Location doesn’t matter; this may happen everywhere. You and your wife might get down and figure out a chore schedule for your kid. Consider offering your services in a class group project.

Being agreeable is often misunderstood to mean giving in too easily. (on the surface, at least, our culture rewards those who are direct and ambitious.) It’s not easy to always put other people first, which makes agreeableness one of the most challenging personality traits. This accounts for its high ratings in surveys of positive…

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